Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Thursday, January 12, 2017


Gone again 
The next thing I wrote 
- sigh -


I miss writing 
But if I do 
Google will blink it 
Out of existence 
And I will feel frustrated and 

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Free Speech

Why do they hate him so
When he just wants
To help us
Be safe -
Be prosperous?

I am aghast
People who,
To my knowledge, never,
Ever, spoke
About politics before
Are now so adamant
One cannot say
At all

I have to remember not
To speak
Or they may never speak to

It's bizarre
What have we become
That we cannot speak
Are not allowed
An opinion ?

Those who say
Free speech is a good thing
No one
To say
At all 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Dear Donald

Dear Mr Trump
Thank you so much
For taking the time
     Deal with all of us !

We hold out great hope
That you can
Help us

I'm afraid that we have made
A mess
Of things

We think
Color matters
And sex matters
And a million other
     Non - essentials

All that matters
Of course,
To be kind
To one another
And to
Get along

Mostly with ourselves
And our own minds -
     Matters !

All over the world
Everyone and every animal
And plant
Wants to live
And to be safe
And happy

We knew that

And now our hopes are
Pinned on you
To help us achieve
Such tranquility

- we need to
Allow our egos
To take a bit of a
Break -

And to do what's right
For ourselves
Our world
And our country -
Every country

I know it's a lot
To ask

I know you can
Help us greatly

Please don't let the
Yakkers and the talkers
Get you down
You know
They have nothing
Else to do
(They should think
Of something

And don't let the
Assassins find you
Not again -
And again
In this country

Take every precaution
Get the best in security
Spare no expense

I want you around
To fix this mess

(As much as can be

- as much as is
Possible -

You care about us
I'm sure of it
And it's been
"Like in forever"
That I've felt
I could say that

God bless you
Mr President !

Testing testing. Are we working yet.
Will u blink out
And not return
Being lost forever
To the either?