Sunday, March 20, 2016

Dragons and Unicorns

Reading the bible 
With a more adult curiousity,
I find -
Dragons and 
Unicorns mentioned 
Many times !

Water being turned to wine 
And multiplying loaves and fishes 
Is mentioned with much more 
Than the common everyday occurrence 
Of dragons and 

What am I to make of this -
Seriously !
The blind can see 
The lame can walk 
And dragons and 
Unicorns lounge around 
In the public square 
Causing no great calamity

The Roman solders must have had 
Special divisions 
To fight them 
Or catch them 
Or deal with them 
Special nets 
For unicorns
(Pet them) 
Special harnesses for dragons 
(Ride them) 

It is in a book 
Which some say I must believe in 
Literally !
- some say 
It is open to interpretation -
Some hardly look at it 
At all 

God is love 
And light -
To be sought 

And there are dragons 
And unicorns 

But -
Loving "my" neighbors 
Is not so easy