Saturday, April 25, 2015

Big, Black Hat

Just a description 
Of the biggest flipping cloud
I've ever seen 
Sitting up on top of the mountains 
Looking like a big, black hat 

I'm from Southern California 
Doesn't DO that !

And it rained
So hard -
The big truck I was going 
To pass 
Just moments before
Became a beacon
In the storm 
Hunched over my steering wheel
Windshield wipers as high
As they would go 
I followed those tail lights 
Through the storm 

Looking to the west a moment 
Later -
 there was light !

Looking to the mountain I was 
Going to cross -
It was black !

The sky 
So black 
And that pass is 
So high 
Tricky to drive 
At the best of times
- the rocks that would 
Come down - 
The lightening that might hit
And my little 

I looked up and some 
Part of me said no 
Really - 
     No !
Even though it would add hours 
To the trip 
-Already all day -
We turn around 
We drive toward the light 
We drive out of this 

The valley is long 
And beautiful
Cutting through 
With hills all around 
Really beautiful !
Why haven't I been 
This way before - ?
Hills and ranches 
And trucks snaking along 
A gently winding 
two lane road 

Thank God I got gas !

When finally I find the 
(I'll be home in a few more hours)
I'll never forget 
How good the smooth pavement 
Beneath the wheels of my
Just enough daylight left 
To see the beautiful hills and 

Home by 
Night -
Sunset in the 
Rear view mirror.