Tuesday, May 13, 2014


- - -
Global warming . . .
- - -
When I came here 
Thirty odd years ago 
We had summers of 
June gloom, 
May grey 
We never saw 
The sun 
It was a local joke 
Want sun? 
Drive to Ojai 
Twenty degrees difference 
Twenty miles away 
Bright sunshine. 

Something's changed 
It's hot, hot, hot 
And it's only 

We used to go to the beach 
On Christmas Day 
Just because we could 
It was our little ritual 
With family
So far flung 

Warmer then on Christmas 
Than in May 

Now it's just hot 
My garden doesn't know 
What to do 

Spring flowers 
Used to drippy fog 
Are wilting early 
I suppose we'll 
Adjust -
The outdoor shower 
Will be used to cool -
Indoors we'll adjust 

Old electrics barely support 
The little window box cooler
But it helps if 
One gets near enough 

Hot flashes have helped 
This one learn to tolerate 
Extremely warm 
Conditions -
Learn to sweat !
Even if genteel women aren't 
Supposed to 

No one told the 
Maker of 
Such a requirement 

But if it gets any hotter 
What then -
If food can't grow? 

Tonight I go 
To dance some tango 
It will be warm 
The doors will be open 
To the street 
Maybe much like 
Buenos Aires 

People walking by 
Look in with curiosity 
What is this foreign 
Scene ?
Americans dancing 
Just as if 
They knew 
How -
Americans enjoying
Embracing one another 
And moving with grace -
And you will arrive late 
And I anticipate 
Your particular embrace.