Monday, October 26, 2015

The thirty year lunch

The thirty year lunch

Hi, how r u
What'z been goin' on?

Still dancin'
     Yeah . . .
How's the ranch?
How's the water?
     The well is old -
     From when the ranch was much
          Plenty of water -
But when it rains
If it rains
If it rains hard
     There will be mud slides and
This we know -
But watering
Isn't the same as rain
     The plants know the difference
     I can see
     Just in the yard
     The ground is so dry
           It pulls away our best efforts
           With the hose
And "they" have allowed
So much building
So many more condos
What were they thinking???
Except, of course, about
     Their own
Of course,
At our expense.

Quality of life
For all -
We all want
A place to lay our heads
At night
Some walls to keep out the
A gate, a small garden
     To sit in and contemplate
Grow -
A tomatoe plant
Or two

Please rearrange this system -
This monetary arrangement
Where the haves have more than they
     can ever use
And the have nots walk by
With shopping carts
     Piled high
Why ?

Not to take from anyone
Not to make the rich feel small
Not at all
For they do employ
And take the business risk
And already pay
So very much
To the government

So when r we gonna do
Lunch ?
We've been sayin'
We're goin' to
And that just doesn't
     Get it done -