Sunday, May 11, 2014

Bar be que

Old friends 
And new ones 
Bar be que ones 

Friend s 
What a special thing 
It is 
To get together 
Around an outdoor 
And sip wine and 
Talk of things 

-Get to know 
Some people 
From a different 

What do they do 
And how do they
do it?
What do they know 
How do they know it ? 

I get to see 
My life, my time,
My choices 
From some 
Other perspective 

I have chosen 
And life has chosen 
For me 

And I do 
The best 
I can 

Some have energy 
Some don't 
Some have courage and 
The ability 
To cope 

It's good to see -
To get to know 
And what their minds 
Are made of 

And where their hearts 
Have gotten