Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Hardness of Rocks

This Christmas
Is not so bad
Has more people in it
People wishing well

-Read Steve Jobs-
Parting words,
"Money isn't everything",
Or even very much
When you're preparing
To depart

Words to remember from
One of the most successful people

Words to reevaluate
This crazy thing
This life
We never really know
How it's going to go
It can be gone
     In an instant
Turn bad and sad
     In a moment

We must find
The kernel
     Of hope
The belief
     In better things
-In better
That transcends
     The hardness of rocks.
The dullness of
      A worried mind

We must sing
We must dance
     It is part of our job
     To vitalize the ether

We need to take that

We have no more time
     To learn
     To be kind
There is an emergency
Too much war
Too many bad
Too much power
     To destroy

Each and every
     One of us
Must shine
Must bring forth what
     Light we can

For our own benefit and
For the rest of us