Monday, June 2, 2014

Worth Watching

Aliens among us -
The Internet is 
     A wonderful thing 
Crop circles 
And messages 
- conspiracies 

I had no idea 
Would come up 
Once the cable was 
Cut -
I do miss tv
And I'm sure it misses me 
I could channel surf 
     So well 
I had my standard pattern 
And many variations 
Default channels 
     To check 
And always up on 
     National news 
The numbers on the remote 
Were worn off
They call it a plug in drug 
And I said,
"So, that's a good thing, right?" 

But then the plumbing and 
The doctor's bills 
And a certain sense 
Of adventure - hit -
Without warning . . . 
Can I do this ? 
Can I live without ? 
There is no Star Trek 
There is no Dr Who 
What do I do 
If they come back on 

There are books and books 
Cluttering up 
Around here 
I could look in a book . . . 

I could contemplate 
The inner realms . . .

I could go visit a friend 
Who has 
Tv . . .

Are there any addiction programs 
For this -
Twelve steps 
Group therapy ?

There are times when 
One just 
Wants to forget
To be talked to and shown pictures 
Even if 
It's only old movies and 
     Car chases 
Why can't "they" manage 
     To be 
One can think of so many 
     Wonderful things 
That would be 
"Worth Watching"

Testing, Testing

Waiting. Waiting. 
Why does it take so much 
And now there's a child 
     In a stroller -
Why is there always 
     A child in a stroller 
     And why 
Do they always 
Sit by me ?

As I wait to 
If I live or die 
And how much trouble 
     It will be. 

In the old days 
Did not involve 

Pencil and paper
In those days -
But I would still
Worry mightily 

At least 
There is no studying 
For this -
No late nights 
Of panic 

But yes. 
Late nights of fear 
Of a different variety

Life and death 
Closer together 

It is destined 
To be so 
It is written 
It is the way it is
One cannot fight