Monday, February 8, 2016


Here we all are
In spinning space 
If we just stop a moment and
     A moment -
We can then reach 
Some sense of connection 

That bit of contact
Is precious 
And well worth giving up 
A bit of rushing about -
     For it 

We haven't got 
That much longer to find 
This joyfulness - 

Secret is -
It belongs to us 
As our right 
     - Bought by 
Being here 

They may tell you 
It isn't yours 
And belongs to someone 
(They most surely will) 

They will make rules and schools 
 - And add robes 
     And hats 
Have you noticed that
It's always hats -
Hats for this 
And hats for that -
It seems they fight wars 
Who wears which hat
Or cap, or scarf -
Just so
Who can wear what 
And when 
Upon their head
Or cut their hair or not 
Or beard or 
Lamb chops 
Or not
Why is it anybody's business 
But ours ?
I wonder 

This spinning ball 
We rest upon 
Will probably not be disturbed
By headwear
This corner of the galaxy may 
Get along quite nicely 
Knowing about 
The headgear perched upon
The puny