Tuesday, July 8, 2014


A moment of joy
Snatched from the jaws 
     Of fate 
Would the Gods 
     Begrudge us 

My favorite Tanguero 
      Is older 
      To the end 
It is only more 
       Poignant - more 
Of the oneness 
      Of fate
More of the last dance 
      On the Titanic 
The cold water is rising 
      Around our feet 

And we cling together 
      And dance the dance 
      Of lovers 
( Which we never have been 
And never will be )

The fates, even 
      The Gods 
Do not understand this -
     " Don't they know they 
      Have been condemned 
      To death ?"

-To die 
In each other's 
Arms . . .

To be human 
So fragile 
Temporary -
So alone 

Help me here -
To believe 
To understand
That there is some 
To understand
To cling 
To love 
To life -

This dance 
Brings in
The deepest parts 
      Of life -
Of love 
Of being here 
Of being Still -

Leave me alone 
With him 
For this dance 
At least 

He must hold me 
And I him -
We understand 
      Each other -

If only 
This moment 
Could last 
      -the world 
And all it's 
      -held at bay 

There is a heart connection 
In this dance 
Like in 
No other