Sunday, November 1, 2015


Change - Why?
Daylight screw up time -
They call it saving
Who are they saving ?
They are messing around with 
I know 
THEY are doing this 
Just to prove 
     THEY can 
Just to 
     Mess us up 
     And keep us 
     Off balance 
To more firmly establish 
THEIR power. !!!

It it illuminate? 
A conspiracy? 
Well -
     It certainly has to do 
With light 
     One hour more 
     Or less 

So now I think we should revolt 
We should all show up 
At the old time 
And refuse to change 
     Any clocks !!!

This clock 
That clock 
     Or analogue -

From one time to the next -
The car refuses to divulge 
     It's secrets -
Thanks to Chevy engineers 
     (Or lack of) 
I now will never know 
What time the car is on 
Until I 
     Search through
     And find 
The owner's manual 

Under time 
Index ; clock 
Push this button how? 
A less user friendly way 
Has never been 
Devised. !!!

So I 
Am one whole flippin' hour 
To church 
Just so 
Can yet again 
THEIR power!!!