Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Unicorns and Others

Waiting out
This cold
And re-evaluating
This life
My direction 
And how 
I could have gotten 
     So many things 
     So wrong 

You see 
I believed
     In most of what 
Told me  
I've been patiently 
      Awaiting -
Waiting for 
The unicorns 
     To arrive 
 The parents were so sick 
Of war, I'm sure, 
That they too believed that 
Unicorns were 
     Right around 
          The corner 

And when they didn't appear 
(They never appeared)

Well, some of us are 
Still waiting patiently 
We can't believe that people 
Don't leave out 
Food and water 
For them 

We are forever amazed that 
The news never mentions their absence 
That places are not kept sacrosanct  
     And magical 
     To provide cover
     And fodder
     And shelter 
For the human spirit-soul 
And also for our Unicorn