Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Looking through old photos 
Wishing I could go back 
     In time 
And tell myself 
Lighten Up !!

Be thankful for what you have -
A younger self 
Hope and strength 

I always thought there 
Would be more 
There was something 
     I was going for
This and that 
Perfect bit of existence 
Would be mine 
     Give it time 

I had a sense of 
And longing for 
And always wondered why 
It all seemed so uphill 
And inflationary 

By the time we've got 
The money saved 
It costs more 

And there's no end to it 

I thought there'd be 
A light 
At the end of the tunnel 

Now I see 
There's just more tunnel 

With some light   Yes 
But the tunnel closes in 
And darkness begins to 
Friends of friends 
Pass away 
Have memorial services
Celebrate a life 
Well lived 

What have I done with mine 
How have I spent 
My time 

What choice did I have 
But to work and save 
Be the capitalist 
And glad to have 
A job 
Or three 

Why give us dreams ?
Joyful wishes -
And then 
Make sure they 
Can't come true . . .

But now I know a secret 
It's been a lifetime 
To learn 

There is another direction 
Where it all rings true 
There is an inner wonder 
A connection 
More important than 
Perfection in 
Material things