Tuesday, May 10, 2016

One Cent !

One cent - ! -
The statistics say -
With your wonderful 
Ad sense 
I guess I won't be 

But I can truely say 
That you are not the driver 
Of this great effort in
Creativity !
No !!

It has
become very, very
     Interesting -
To communicate 
     My thoughts 
Over the 
Either -

To people who read my 
Ramblings -
In Russia ! 
Of all places -
Amazing !
More hits from Russia today 
Than from the 
USA ! 

Where do they live
What do they do? 
Who are they 
Do they have 
Fur hats? 
What do I know -

The doctor today said
I'm not dying yet 
- Not 
As sick 
As I thought 

We all have 
Similar problems
We all look out of eyes 
( if we are fortunate enough) 
We all wonder 
Who is behind it all 
Behind the energy of 
This life 
- the energy itself 
Called by many different 
Names -
The energy of bliss,
Of love, 
Of light 

Hello to all my 
In far-flung