Thursday, February 11, 2016


There is this guy
Has a utube channel
All about his life
God bless 'em -
And now his mail-order wife
God bless 'em -
My best friend and neighbor
Was and is such a bride
I do not fault her -
To do anything to get out of
That poverty
And out of that way
That they treat women -
To come to these United States
To be treated like a human
To get out of that poverty
And hunger
The guys can think that
It's true love
And it is -
Love of freedom
Freedom from fear
And want
And hunger

Have a child or two and be safe
And warm and dry
And have food
And be treated like
A human being
It's love
Take it for what it is
It's love -
For immigration
For papers
For food
This is no small thing

We do what we must 
To survive 
Even -
Put up with 

And the dude 
Believes in love 
In the fantasy 
He is not bad 
He is just sad 
And a little 

God give us strength