Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Donation Button!!

Just in case 
You might have 
Lots of money
And would like to be 
"A patron of the arts"

I have 
(With help)
And much pondering 
Poking of buttons 
Reading of unintelligible 

- Two hours it took us -
There has been installed 
(With much hopeful wishing 
And imagination) 
A donation button 
On this blog 

The dream is 
That just a few millionaires 
- From somewhere on earth -
Would like to donate 
     To the cause of 
My continued 
(Not that I will perish 
Without them)
It would be sooooo cool 
To have a stash $$
To be able to prop up this old house 
To shop 
     At more 
Than the dollar store 

- Just sayin -