Thursday, April 3, 2014

Blood From A Turnip

How to get more blood 
Out of this turnip?
Only so much income 
Inflation . . . Inflating 

I'm old enough to remember 
25 cents a gallon 
Difference was 
That quarter was made 
Of silver . . .

Scarey when you think 
     About it 
Now it's all bits 
     And bites
In an electronic 
     Brain somewhere 
Science fiction---
     Back when I 
Was reading 
     Science fiction -

And what happens when 
The sun spot comes 
And wipes away all
Traces of numbers from 
The giant inter-web-net
     Brain ?
What if it gets
     A headache ? 
Is there an excedrin 
     Large enough 
An asprin for that ? 

"Take two 
And call me in the 
Doctors used to say 

It's inevitable that someday
Something will disrupt 
It's concentration 
Computers. . .
I don't really trust such 
Complicated things 

And what about when 
They begin
To talk to 
Each other 

Where will we be 

If only I could add 
A few more zeros 
To the account
Zeros being worth nothing 
But turning 1000
Into 10000
Into 100,000

One could dream of 
Having a checking account 
Like that.