Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Is anybody out there ?
What do u think ?
Am I wasting my time ?

But not .

I enjoy 
This -

I imagine an audience 

Someone reading 
In cyberspace 

I sometimes wish 
I knew
Who they are 
And do they tune back in ?
Or just 
     Laugh and leave 

Looking for the porn sites -
Which R a lot 
More fun 

I suppose 
I wouldn't know 
Having always been 
Too serious 
By far 

Thinking there's an answer 
For who we are 
And where 
We find ourselves 


Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Calling

The talk today . . .
In church today
     -About being all we can
     -Doing all we want to
          What that is

I am inspired -
As I lay upon
     My couch -
For this is something
I Truely
Do -

To lie
Within the influence
The little
Air conditioner box -
I am fulfilling
A deep and basic
A deep and inspired need
To rest awhile
And to be cool while
     Doing it

What a wonderful invention
This -
A box -
Whose sole reason
     For being
Is to produce
     Cool air.

Like that
I would like to produce
- for the people of this earth
Something Truely helpful
-Truely wonderful
It would be my gift
     To them
It would be my
My talent
My contribution
     To the collective
I would produce
A certain cool air
A certain savoir-faire
I would
     Bring down the light
Which would help their
Their plight of being trapped
By materialism
In material body and mind

This would be my
My gift
Probably no one
Would ever know -
But "they" say
It does matter -
     It clears the air
Makes people
     Less prone to fight
Makes available more

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wandering Off

She forgot 
     To wear 
To the 
Country club
 - formal 
     Dance -
          (I heard) 

She used to be
     So stylish
     -so fine-

One time -
She was lost 
     Buying gas 
And had 
     To ask -
The way 
     Back home 

She almost stole 
     My boyfriend 

She was as good
     As that!

But no matter how 
We are ...
- Turquoise  Jaguar 
In the garage -
(She is still living 
     Across the street 
     From the beach 
With famous 

But, no matter what -
     There is this 
          Law ...

-won't go 
-cannot be 
          With -

That -

We all go 
     Away -
One day 

The game-board -
     This holographic 
          Video game -
Cannot really 
     Be won 

Some leave 
Some loudly -
Some wander off -

Some are welcomed 
     In -
The arms of 
     God -

And know 
The way 


I no longer have 
     An axe to grind. 
I gave up my axes 
     And my grinding wheel ...

The I that had these things 
Is becoming less 
     And less -
She is seeing 
     Some things 
As baggage 
Some others 
     As burdens 

Trouble and complications
To be avoided 

Now she needs 
     To give up 
Sugar and wheat 
Become neat

Good luck 
          That !

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Tango Will Miss Me

The Tango will 
     Miss me 
For I'll be 
With you 

A person can't do 
     Everything at once 
It seems 

We will be dancing 
The specific steps
Of correctness 
Not the 
Improvisational randomness 
Of the moment 

These people 
At this place 
Don't know 
How it can be done 
     A dance 
     With no steps and no beat 
     And only holding close 
          And feeling the heart beat 
What can this mean 
What can it be for 
     How could we sell it 
     For a profit 

And of course, 
That's the beauty 
     Of it 

Monday, September 1, 2014


Everyone seems to have 
Their own 

Wanting me to follow 
Theirs --

Even the six year old 
Who makes up rules 
To suit herself -
She let's herself win 
But not every time 
So as
Not to
Create suspicion -

She's too cute 
To say no to -
But someday someone 
Life itself will 
Have it's way -
It always does

And you -
Want me to be 
Someone special 
Someone perfect 
And I -
Just want to 
To hide -

The answer is 
A certain degree 
Of confidence 
I suppose -


Better hiding techniques 
-Smoke screens 
-Carefully covering 

Let the six year old compose 
-all the rules she wants to 
But you -
Will have to know 
That I'm not perfect 
Now -
And won't be -
Probably -