Monday, April 28, 2014

The Zen Bird

Wishing I could fly 
Not with feathers 
Not with wings 
But the spirit sort 
     Of bird 
It rises from the ashes of 
The mundane 
Of the everyday 
It soars 
It banks 
And sings 

It leaves behind 
All petty things 
It knows the way 
     To go 

The spirit bird requires 
Some attention 
     Now and then 
All sorts of cages 
Are made for it 
-Attempt to trap it 
     -To distract it 

I will tie 
A string around my 
To remember to remember 
In the midst of it all 
-All the clamoring, crying, sighing 
-All the silliness 
Of life 

The zen bird flies 
     Above it -
Now I need to 
Hitch a ride 


Trying to find an app. 
That is not connected 
A calendar that would be mine only 
Not one that would 
Notify google 
Of all that I do 
Can't find it 
We've gone beyond 
That sort of privacy
We no longer control our 
Own devices 
Someday my toaster will 
Will tell
On me 
My tv will look back at me 
And say 
Something critical 
I just know it will
Oh you look like you've gained 
A little weight dear
Gained a wrinkle and a 
Grey hair -
Where does it stop 
And do I care 
I have a certain resistance 
To it 
Thinking one might need some 
But that's gone 
The eye in the sky is
Looking down 
But when I sit down 
It can't tell how deep I get 
It cannot know if I transcend 
- yet