Friday, June 27, 2014


I have data 
I can write 

Verizon says so 

After the 25th 
Of the month 
U can again 
With friends -

Before that 
The cell phone becomes 
Quite useless -
Could use it as 
- a small square 
- a door stop for 
A mini door 
- not much else 

Did Shakespeare have such 
Problems ?
(Not comparing myself,
No way) 
But still- 
Hamlet would have 
Been on hold -
Romeo and Juliet 
Could have paused - 
Worked out their problems 
With the parents 
- married 
And been together long enough 
- get on each other's 

Little Romeos running around screaming 
Pulling baby Juliet's hair 
Older Juliet trying to 
Get the laundry done 
- over the stove -
Becoming frayed and older 
Reaching menopause -

See what delights 
The "verizon pause" in 

Out out damned spot 
Oh heck 
 - Got to go back to counseling 
Again ! 

King Lear would get shortened 
- as a play - 
Which would probably not 
Be a bad thing 

But now 
I must be gone 
For I have awaiting 
The dancing lesson 
Whether I would 
Or no . . .


U don't look at your cell phone 
     In the afternoon
I don't look at mine 
     In the morning 

U don't schedule things 
      Mid week
I don't schedule things 

This may be 
      The perfect 
Relationship . . .

U will tell the establishment 
What is wrong 
With it -
Straight up 
In their faces -
I -
Never say a 

Other than that 
We have so much 
In common 

Other than that 
We r just like twins 

(Or not) . . .

People can be 
Hard to figure 

I envy the hermits 
In the Himalayas 

But even they
Have to have someone 
Bring them food 
-All the time-

And what if they 
Don't like 
The menu ? 
Who could they complain to ?
They r supposed to b
By then. 

Wanting nothing 
Being nobody 
Nothing but 

Sunday, June 22, 2014


Thinkin' I had to 
Go someplace 
To get 

Somewhere else 

Now I begin 
To see 
That the place 
To go 
Is here -
To sit down 
Here -
And go 
Within -
This the fascinating , wonderful
Place -
Natives in costumes 
(Except for those of us
Who live here)
Cut off jeans, Hawaiian shirts 
Flip flops 

Fascinating native 
See how they live 
Some homeless 

Some surfing 
Some walking 

Verizon says 
I have used 75% of my 
Data plan 

Poetry loses to 
Practicality. . .

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Prince Harry asks, How Do You Do?

Interesting modern life this. . .
Who may read these words?
     If on Facebook 
It is assumed 
Anyone reads thousands of
To an innocent 

Buried somewhere there 
Is this. . .
The musings -
The Ramblings of 
A commoner 
In another country 
And one 
Ran away 
At that!

Now mother always said 
We were related to 
Fancy-pants people 
And she collected china 
And read a lot 
- That must count 
For something 

But I can't imagine 
The pressures of 
Any type of royalty 
I really cannot handle 
What I've got to deal with 
Right now 
And I hate people telling me 
What to do 
It would never do 
I maybe shouldn't have posted 
This answer 
To that 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Unity. . .

Feeling better 
Maybe I'll live 
For a little while 
     At least 

Able to attack a shrub with 
     Pruning shears 
But then -
I must rest  

Looking forward to a 
     Tango or two 
When I 
     Meet up 
     With you 

If I can just 
Tango and 
I should be alright 
But already 
The bills are 
Coming in . . .

Getting sick in this 
Is not advised -

It is a crazy place 
Where some seem to get 
For free 
And others are robbed 

The middle class 
Is being beat-
With sticks 
Don't they want us 
To survive ?

Conspiracy theories 
Just look around 
And try to explain 
Where our freedom 
Has gone 

Where the bright ideas 
That built this country 
Have gone ???

Multinational unity -
one world government -
Global industry 
Doing what it pleases
Making slaves 
     Of us. 

Just don't rush -

I'm old enough to 
"I'll be dead by 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Life and death and 
My therapist says 
I have a phobia 

Why does not having been to a 
For fifteen years 
Constitute a phobia? 
Maybe it denotes 
     Common sense. 

They are 
The leading cause of 
( I read somewhere)

So now I must 
All their tests and 
Will cost a pretty penny 
     I know 

If I live, 
I will be eating little 
     And spending less 
Not quite a bag lady 
( God bless them) 

They gave me pills 
For my nerves
For my fear -
Is there a pill for 
Other things ?
A pill for 
     The angst of life 
I have angst -
Always have had 
A longing for the time 
     Before -
A strong remembering 
     Of a better time -
Wondering where Krishna is 
     And Christ 
Why have we been left here 
To face 
The pins and needles 
Of life -

Why do we believe 
So strongly 
That we live and die 
In these flimsy bodies 

Why don't we know 
We are light
And therefore cannot be 
Or folded or torn 

I know 
They are out to get me -
They are sharpening knives 
And swords 
As we speak 

Where did I put 
Those pills they 
Gave me. 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Rotten Machine

Having just poured my heart out
On this stupid thing 
- another rotten machine! - 
I push the wrong button and 
All my heart-felt musings disappear 
Like dust 

It was a long tome
About how I'm feeling 
And what I've been going 

Instead of pushing save 
I mistakenly pushed 
Go away 

Go away forever 
Don't bother us 
No one will ever 

Wouldn't it be wonderful 
If that's all it took -
Just write it 
Just relight it 
And then push 

We could write about our 
And make them 
Go away 

We could write about 
Our bills and our boyfriends 
And they would begin 
To behave 

Oh my 
Is there an app for that? 
The app for disposing of 
Problems and of pain. 

Is it free? 
It seems a little too
"Twilight Zone" to me -
Can you imagine what 
Rod Serling would have done 
With apps! 
And cell phones -
World wide webs -
And drones ?
Not to mention 
     Global warming 
Siri and 
And apples 

It begins to spin 
Out of control
Faster and 

Let's see if I can save this 
Without blasting it 
Into a black hole!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Six months to live 
- what if they tell me that - ?
Am I just being paranoid 
Or preparing . . . 

I have always wondered what's 
On the other side 
Is it a river Styx 
A mount Olympus 
Some pearly gates 
Or a burning place 

Does the soul 
Hang together 
Or dissipate 
     Into space 
An eternal sleep ?
An eternal nightmare ?

The bliss and the white light 
Of God ?
The latter would, of course, 
Be preferable 
If we have any choice 

Monday, June 2, 2014

Worth Watching

Aliens among us -
The Internet is 
     A wonderful thing 
Crop circles 
And messages 
- conspiracies 

I had no idea 
Would come up 
Once the cable was 
Cut -
I do miss tv
And I'm sure it misses me 
I could channel surf 
     So well 
I had my standard pattern 
And many variations 
Default channels 
     To check 
And always up on 
     National news 
The numbers on the remote 
Were worn off
They call it a plug in drug 
And I said,
"So, that's a good thing, right?" 

But then the plumbing and 
The doctor's bills 
And a certain sense 
Of adventure - hit -
Without warning . . . 
Can I do this ? 
Can I live without ? 
There is no Star Trek 
There is no Dr Who 
What do I do 
If they come back on 

There are books and books 
Cluttering up 
Around here 
I could look in a book . . . 

I could contemplate 
The inner realms . . .

I could go visit a friend 
Who has 
Tv . . .

Are there any addiction programs 
For this -
Twelve steps 
Group therapy ?

There are times when 
One just 
Wants to forget
To be talked to and shown pictures 
Even if 
It's only old movies and 
     Car chases 
Why can't "they" manage 
     To be 
One can think of so many 
     Wonderful things 
That would be 
"Worth Watching"

Testing, Testing

Waiting. Waiting. 
Why does it take so much 
And now there's a child 
     In a stroller -
Why is there always 
     A child in a stroller 
     And why 
Do they always 
Sit by me ?

As I wait to 
If I live or die 
And how much trouble 
     It will be. 

In the old days 
Did not involve 

Pencil and paper
In those days -
But I would still
Worry mightily 

At least 
There is no studying 
For this -
No late nights 
Of panic 

But yes. 
Late nights of fear 
Of a different variety

Life and death 
Closer together 

It is destined 
To be so 
It is written 
It is the way it is
One cannot fight