Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Life and death and 
My therapist says 
I have a phobia 

Why does not having been to a 
For fifteen years 
Constitute a phobia? 
Maybe it denotes 
     Common sense. 

They are 
The leading cause of 
( I read somewhere)

So now I must 
All their tests and 
Will cost a pretty penny 
     I know 

If I live, 
I will be eating little 
     And spending less 
Not quite a bag lady 
( God bless them) 

They gave me pills 
For my nerves
For my fear -
Is there a pill for 
Other things ?
A pill for 
     The angst of life 
I have angst -
Always have had 
A longing for the time 
     Before -
A strong remembering 
     Of a better time -
Wondering where Krishna is 
     And Christ 
Why have we been left here 
To face 
The pins and needles 
Of life -

Why do we believe 
So strongly 
That we live and die 
In these flimsy bodies 

Why don't we know 
We are light
And therefore cannot be 
Or folded or torn 

I know 
They are out to get me -
They are sharpening knives 
And swords 
As we speak 

Where did I put 
Those pills they 
Gave me.