Friday, November 13, 2015

Last Night

Last night 
There was the decision. 
Go postal 
Dance Tango! 
Destroy all the things and 
Or dance till the 
     feet hurt 

To get outta my head
Get into the music 
When songs were played 
Which were not 
It took great effort 
To say 
Very little 
To not push the buttons 
     And turn the knobs 
On our gracious hosts 
     Set up 

And when Pandora said 
There had been too many 
Too many choices 
I thought to myself 
     That's no way to do 
See if I ever sign up 
For you!!!

Oh I was so needing 
To look at the stars
With you, dear
They were playing 
Unfortunate songs 
And I needed a little rest 
Out onto the patio 
     We stepped 
To breath in the cool 
     Night air 
Thank goodness you 
     Were there 

You let me dance 
Like no other 
Not insisting upon 
Nothing but 
Patterns and 
Never learn so much 
That I cannot move
The way I want to 
When I need to 
     Last night