Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Oh Phone -

Oh phone 
In my pocket 
Have you not yet 
Spoken ?
Why do you remain 
Mute ?

You are adequately 
Charged -
And yet you do not 
Ring !

What am I to believe? 
That he does not think 
Of me -
That he is sufficient 
Unto himself 
As if 
A boat 
Tossed upon 
An assure sea -

Oh me 
Oh my -
What am I 
In high school? 

We are senior citizens 
Here -
Our own 

Dancing on the deck of the 
Sinking Titanic 
Comes to mind 

Do we never learn ?
Do I never learn ?
To become so Zen that 
The cessation of existence 
Is merely a philosophical 
Question ?

Oh but the Zen Masters never 
Such a one 
You -

If they had 
Their Haiku would have been 
All about 
The strength and the 
And the kindness 
Of you -

Forget about 
The grasshoppers 
And the cherry blossoms 
And the moon ! 

- Still the phone sits 
Deep Meditation