Thursday, March 31, 2016

Death Valley. Rhyolite

Death Valley

70 mph wind gusts. Death Valley.

God of the Garden

The God of the garden 
Welcomes me 

Death Valley. 
May be beautiful 
And far 
But it is not 
Green with flowers 
Too many spring 

It is quieter -
Until the wind blows 
Then it feels like time 
To dig a hole 
In the dusty ground 
To get away from 
Blowing sand that stings 
As it hits my leg -
Can't stand up straight -
Walking like a drunken person -
And the sun -
Which dries all things 
Is very fierce

Beautiful mountains. -

Here -
I have the sea -
All places seem to have 
Some version
Of crows -
As one flys by 

A hummingbird 
Comes near -
Sits on a branch 
Above my head 
And looks at me 
Why -

Why don't you have 
a hummingbird feeder 
For me 

Thank you 
God of the Garden 
For being here 
To welcome me 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Dragons and Unicorns

Reading the bible 
With a more adult curiousity,
I find -
Dragons and 
Unicorns mentioned 
Many times !

Water being turned to wine 
And multiplying loaves and fishes 
Is mentioned with much more 
Than the common everyday occurrence 
Of dragons and 

What am I to make of this -
Seriously !
The blind can see 
The lame can walk 
And dragons and 
Unicorns lounge around 
In the public square 
Causing no great calamity

The Roman solders must have had 
Special divisions 
To fight them 
Or catch them 
Or deal with them 
Special nets 
For unicorns
(Pet them) 
Special harnesses for dragons 
(Ride them) 

It is in a book 
Which some say I must believe in 
Literally !
- some say 
It is open to interpretation -
Some hardly look at it 
At all 

God is love 
And light -
To be sought 

And there are dragons 
And unicorns 

But -
Loving "my" neighbors 
Is not so easy 

Thursday, March 17, 2016


Trying to find some 
Time away 
Seems a bit like 
     A field 
Everyone wants 
     Something -
There are horses 
To harness 
And bargains to be 
There is money to be 
     Set aside 
 Now -
     With everything costing 
More and more -

I still want to see 
The sky 
And have some 
Quiet time -
Some time among 
The trees

No one seems to understand 
The Taoist Hemit 
Needs a bit of 
Now and then 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Donation Button!!

Just in case 
You might have 
Lots of money
And would like to be 
"A patron of the arts"

I have 
(With help)
And much pondering 
Poking of buttons 
Reading of unintelligible 

- Two hours it took us -
There has been installed 
(With much hopeful wishing 
And imagination) 
A donation button 
On this blog 

The dream is 
That just a few millionaires 
- From somewhere on earth -
Would like to donate 
     To the cause of 
My continued 
(Not that I will perish 
Without them)
It would be sooooo cool 
To have a stash $$
To be able to prop up this old house 
To shop 
     At more 
Than the dollar store 

- Just sayin -

Sunday, March 6, 2016

From Time Magazine 3/14/16. Mr. Donald Trump (center)

The Trump Tower

Will he save us ?
(We need saving) 
There are those who wish to 
     Harm us 
To take our stuff 
     And kill us 
And They are coming here 

They are already 
Causing trouble 
And attacking 

We, as people, 
Have fought so 
     Long and hard 
For our evolution 
Into a people 
Who believe 
     That butterflies 
     Are free 
And have a right 
To be 

We have tried hard to evolve 
Into a people with 
And compassion 
And enough to eat
For everyone 

There are some who do not 
In you and me 
Some who do not want 
To allow everyone 
To be 
To exist 
To be free 

To call God 
By name 
And Goddess too

There is a Goddess 
Of mercy 
We need her 

Everyone does
Need mercy
And space 
And time 
     And place 

Will this deal maker 
Be able to deal 
For us 
For all of us 

Will he be able to 
     Separate the wheat 
From the chaff -
Water the wheat 
(No gmo)

And do we know 
That it takes work 
And heart
And courage 
To approach that 
Which we call 

And it takes preserving 
And believing 
As a group 
As in 
     All of us 
-where we are-
To insist
In dignity -
To cooperate

It can be lost
So easily 
It is up to 
Each and 
Of us