Saturday, March 29, 2014

Cut the cord/Cut the cable

I've done it 
-Finally done it 
Tired of huge bills 
And nothing on-
But oh I will miss 
Duck dynasty-

Pulled the plug-
Cut the cable-
 in a rush of 
     Budget constraint-

All the news 
I won't know-
All the tragedy I will hear about
Only in passing 
Only second or third hand-

What will I need to know 
That I won't know 
And how will this affect me?

The earth shook last evening-
It was a long gentle shaking-here-
A gentle movement 
     Of the earth
One waits 
One does not know 
Will it stop 
Or will it grow 
Will this be the big one 
Which causes us to 
     Slip into the sea?

I won't know
Until I'm actually swimming 
That it is so 
There will be no commentator
To tell me 
What I should 

The used videos at the thrift store
Two dollars apiece
I watch them avidly
A movie with no commercial 
How nice 
How novel 
     Who knew?

"What if they gave a war 
     And nobody came " 
What if tv viewers 
     Did the same-
All those advertising dollars
     Flapping in the breeze with 
     No one to tease 

It's quieter here
More time to 
To contemplate

Maybe I will 
     Get things done 
Which I have left 

It is raining ??
I will step outside and