Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Jury duty ---
Save me please !
Boredom has descended 
With palpable palpability

Someone should study this 
Some scientific research is needed 
When people refuse to do this 
Our civilization is through 
It will have crumbled into 
Dust -

This one guy here 
Can sleep 
Sitting up
Why is it guys 
Can do that ?
And I can't. 

My friend will descend
Into dreams 
In the middle of something important 
I'm saying
And awake apologetically 
When I'm done -

As I was saying,
Our civilization 
Will be done -
When we don't allow "them"
To treat us 
This way -
To coral us 
To imprison us 
- For just the day 
So that we may decide 
Which others of us 
Must be imprisioned -
Where they can get 
Free food and lodging 
Paid for by us 

There is a logic here 
I sure of it 

I'm almost 
Certain that this 
Makes sense to someone 
In the great halls