Saturday, July 19, 2014

Flying Lessons

💖 I've done it again
Danced till my feet are sore
Reluctant going into it . . :
Then I can't stop
Don't want to
And won't
And I'm flying
And I'm dying when a partner
Won't or can't yet -
Let go to the music

Just stick to it
Your feet will learn
And then you have entrance to
The clouds
The winged feet of Apollo
(Wasn't he the one?)

Just come again to the dance
Keep smiling
Keep trying
And soon you will be
And never again
Be alone
Or bored

If only more people knew
It doesn't take rocket science
To know
How to dance with a
     Rocket scientist

It does take courage
To begin
And more courage
To continue
And more courage for guys
To lead-
But it's worth it

So few know
This secret
This magic carpet
Just move
Just go
Get your shoes
And learn
To fly