Monday, July 11, 2016

C'est La Vie !

I could be depressed about 
This . . . 

Snipers are shooting 
In America! 
( wtf?)

My favorite Dr. doesn't take 
(Which I was so happy to get)
And I need that Dr. right now !

Near and far -

Breathe -
They say 
Deeply - and that will help -
Think about positive things 
Give thanks for what is 

Practice some meditation 

Don't just wait till retreats 
In beautiful places 
Dredge up some fortitude 
And dive deep 
Through the negativity
And the amazement 
At people who act 
The way they do 

I have decided that 
"Old age is not 
For sissies" 
And I'd better get 
Toughness up -
C'est la vie -
Some less belief -
In ego mind 
And body