Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Wall

Tell me. 
Tell me 
     The good news 
This motley crew

And I am one -

Isn't it interesting how 
We all have our stories 
To tell 

Back in the day 
I went through 
And rode on the little train 

"Bridge of Spies" 

1978 interesting - 
They let us through 
We had lunch 
In some old building 
With slow service 
I recall 
What must they have thought 
     Of us 
From the states 
On a budget 

They wouldn't let the 
Tour through 
As one -
Just individuals 
The Wall was still up !

I remember changing money 
For the day 
And being told not to take any 
( I may still have some ) 

Back on the other side -
They took us to the place 
Where there were stairs 
And people could look 
At loved ones 
But never touch
We climbed up 
Some wooden stairs 
We waved at the guards 
Who were looking at us 
Through big 
From their watch towers 
The space 
Filled with 
Barbed wire 
And metal cross pieces

They had big 


I seem to remember 
     German Shepards 
On leashes

A wide expanse of 
And then 
The Wall 

And I grew up with 
The threat
Of the planes 
Of the bombs 

Of the nuclear weapons 
That would rain from the sky 
At any moment 

And now, they say, 
The threat is worse !
And "they" have 
Clothes police. 
(What would they say 
About my thrift store 
I would undoubtedly be 
Beaten for myriad fashion
Faux pas !

But I am older now 
And if the nukes fall from the sky 
I only want to be at 
Ground zero -
For I have seen your false 
Promises -
And I know how lovely life 
Could be 
If -
If only -
We'd stop 
Being stupid 

And mean.