Sunday, December 28, 2014

Organizing Heaven

New phone 
New buttons 
Remember old 
( yeah, right) 
Look up old password
Download new app. 

Whatever happened to 
     Paper and 
With no buttons 
And no 

The world is getting 
As we all look at little screens 
And talk to each other 
Across oceans
     With the speed of 

Maybe we can share 
     The light 
Those of us who believe 
That it is better to talk 
     To fight 

No one in my mother's 
Would have 
     It true

She used to talk about how 
Airplanes and cars and telephones
And tv 
Had been invented in her lifetime

We may all count our blessings 
That she was never quite able 
To tell the world 
What to do. 
Because -
I am sure she 
Would have 

And even more surprising -
The fact that she felt 
She had a right to -
And knew 
Better than 
All the rest of us 

May she rest in peace 

For I know she has a big 
     Job to do 
-organizing heaven !