Wednesday, February 3, 2016

God bless us

God Bless Us Everyone

Sitting here 
Waiting for blood 
To be drawn 

I've been dizzy for 
     A week -
Dizzy broad !

Feeling very sorry 
For myself -
When -
In the waiting room 
The conversation begins 
With a gent 
Who's been diagnosed 
Cancer !

Oh good God -

The question comes -
Why do you do this 
To us ?
- An all powerful God 
Could just as easily 
No Suffering, No Pain -
Enough stuff 
For all 
Of us -

When u 
Sit on clouds 
All day,
Wave one finger
And galaxies spring 
Into being 

It is a lesson in letting 
Go -
Some say 
-this could just as easily 
     been mandated by 
     the flick of the cosmic 

Are we beneath 
Notice ?
God's own son 
Had to suffer 
So !
(Little birds and lilies 
Of the field 
Have every hair 
(And they toil not -
Neither do they reap!)

I give up 
I don't know 
And yet still 
Here we sit
Still -
On the horns 
Of the dilemma 

Maybe that's why the ancients 
Worshiped Bulls -
Two good horns 
To sit upon -

I doubt it helped much 
But probably better than 
Believing in absolutely 
Nothing -
At all