Sunday, July 5, 2015


It's so late 
I can't escape 
I've done it again 
Even though I swear 
     And swear again
I won't do this 

The battery is running 
The phone has had enough 
Of my poking 
     And prodding 
Of my curiosity
     And philosophying

Tomorrow will punish me 
And I will have 
No excuse 
No justification 

I will be angry with myself 
And it won't be funny -
When I struggle
To exist 
To listen 
To have patience 

The excuse of 
Living in the moment 
Enjoying the expression of
Writing poetry

Will pale before
The effort of 
Holding it all 
-Among people 
(Which I'm not so good at 
What to say 
How to say it 
When to laugh 
Maybe a little cleverness 
Thrown in 
(Don't push it - 
Just get by) 
Why I 
Do this to myself 
I still wonder 
It is my little 
I suppose 
My small attempt at 
The artistic life 
I laugh 
At myself 
For such 

Fourth of July- 2015 -

By the rockets red glare -
And the fireworks flare 
The 4th of July 
Has come and gone 

Crowds and crowds of people 
And cars 
Carrying chairs and kids and 

Beware of the roads 
This long weekend -
People returning to LA
Will be crawling by 

-Locals not even attempting 
The freeway 
Going to church tomorrow 
By the back roads 
     -If I go 

The Fillmore tourist train 
Rumbles through 
Green orchards 
Mountains standing
We take pictures 
Of each other 
Taking pictures 

Chinese tourists 
Speak Chinese 
Mexican folks herd 
Their kids

The car show 
Is all lowered 
And cars that bounce 

Motorcycle folks
Make lots and lots 
Of noise 
They roar away 
The women awkwardly
Perched behind their men
How can they imagine
That is fun? 
Oh well
To each her own 
I'm sure 
Those girls probably 
have as much trouble 
With their men 
As I do 
With mine

- only different