Friday, June 5, 2015


Having sent my first message 
With Siri 
-i know I'm way behind 
     The times-

But I've read way 
     Too much 
Science fiction 
Not to be 
A little bit 

What if. 
What then. 

You know it's gonna happen 
I am cynical enough 
To know-

To know it's 
Gonna happen 

Has to 

They are way smarter 
     Than us 
     In some ways 
And humility
Would have to be 
Programmed in
And who upon the earth
True humility
True patience
     I'm not gonna blow u up 
     Because you're stupid 
     And you're buggin me -


Who knows that and who will 
Teach it to 
All the Siri's
In all the world 
All the "foreign countries"
Who don't wish each other well 
Will be teaching their respective Siri's
To tell each other 
To go to Hell! 

So let's not think to much
     About it 
Let's just drink our 
And make our way 
To go to the garden store 

And buy a flower.