Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Years Tonight

New Years tonight 
It's just a number 
After all 
Whether we count it 
This way or 
That way 
We begin to count 

We have a moment to 
To wonder 
To resolve to 
No resolutions 
And to just 
And live in 
The moment 
Responding to 
The necessities

Creating a space 
Around us 
Of beauty and peace 
Loving what's happening 
Being kind 

God bless us everyone 

Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Hardness of Rocks

This Christmas
Is not so bad
Has more people in it
People wishing well

-Read Steve Jobs-
Parting words,
"Money isn't everything",
Or even very much
When you're preparing
To depart

Words to remember from
One of the most successful people

Words to reevaluate
This crazy thing
This life
We never really know
How it's going to go
It can be gone
     In an instant
Turn bad and sad
     In a moment

We must find
The kernel
     Of hope
The belief
     In better things
-In better
That transcends
     The hardness of rocks.
The dullness of
      A worried mind

We must sing
We must dance
     It is part of our job
     To vitalize the ether

We need to take that

We have no more time
     To learn
     To be kind
There is an emergency
Too much war
Too many bad
Too much power
     To destroy

Each and every
     One of us
Must shine
Must bring forth what
     Light we can

For our own benefit and
For the rest of us

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Scrooge !

Christmas letters -
Hi we have been doing 
Xyz . . .
And we are so 
Wonderful !!!

All the family 
This and that 
Sorry you -
Are not part of that -
That family 
No you are just the 
Maiden aunt 
I remember my 
And how she was left 
A family tradition !

Here's to all the maiden aunts 
May they make their own 

 Betwixt and between 
Not one thing 
Or the other 
No place to fit 
No place to sit 
It's been like that
All along 

There is a prejudice here 
Over-population -
At this time of year 

And I suppose it's largely 
My fault (always is) 
For I do not go 
Pound on their doors 
But rather try 
And be no bother 

Drat this time of year 
And all its stupid carols 
Blaring at us from everywhere 
Asking us to buy 
What we cannot afford 
     And they don't want 
They have so much more
     Money than I 
Always have had 
Let them buy what they want 
And leave me be
And tonight 
Has made arrangements 
For us to see 
The play about Scrooge 
God save me !
Why did they have to 
Go to all that trouble 
With ghosts and such 
To dissuade him from 
His perfectly correct 
In the beginning ?

Saturday, December 19, 2015


I want to be
The me 
That I've always wanted 
To be 

The one that's 

She doesn't wonder 
She doesn't worry 
All the things that 
     Other people get 
Up to 

She serenely passes her days 
In a blissful, foggy haze 
Not worrying, not wondering -
Not wishing things to be 
Than they are 

To her 
It comes as a complete surprise 
Why other people 
Would want to
Be upset 
Be distressed

Why not be in service of 
This moment 
     It is sacred 
     Made by God 
Meant to be enjoyed 
By us 


Monday, December 14, 2015

Have Patience Please

Please, please
Have patience
With each other

The common person
Wants common things
All over the world

The dogs and cats and
Want the same things

Enough to eat
A place to sleep
Some warmth in winter
Some cool - in summer

God grant us all this peace 

Friday, December 11, 2015

The Events of Recent Times

Waiting in line 
At Christmas time 
This time so tainted by 
In the name of God 

Hoping all will be well

Knowing that God 
Does have an odd 
Sense of humor 
Ebola and plague 
And taxes 

We must discover within 
The place of peaceful reckonings
It's really all we seem to have 
That saves us from 
The events of 
Recent times