Saturday, April 12, 2014

Home Improvement

So now it begins again 
Begins again 
     In earnest 
     This time. 
I repeat, 
Never buy 
An old house -or-
A house of 
     Any kind 
Be content 
To rent 

One never owns a house 
The termites do 
They are the ones who 
Really prosper 
They are content -
And they pay no rent 
They sneak along in the floorboards 
And chew 
What a stunning existence 
     If you're into 
     That sort 
Of thing 
If you really like the taste 
Of wood 
Which they obviously 

She knows a guy -
Who knows a guy -
Who's really good at 
Ripping the heck 
Out of your house 

But first move everything -
Out -
Of the way -
Thirty years worth of 
Absolute necessities and 
     Treasures -
I need a nap
Just thinking about it -
I will need a vacation  
Oh yes -
The Money will have been spent 
I will
Be camping on piles of 
Stacked in the yard 
Or maybe spend a night 
At the storage facility

What a great business 
- camp with your stuff 
For a nominal fee -
Have a campfire 
In the old bar-be-que 
Burning books 
One can no longer read 
Because one 
Can't afford 

Foggy Zen

Saturday morning exercise class 
Why do I commit
To these things?
It's at noon 
But still. . .
Today we have overcast 
Which makes it seem 
There is a wind chill factor 
Which makes it seem colder -
There is also a fog factor
Which makes it seem -
Motivation seems 
-get up and go-
-zip- of any kind 
Hard to find 
Missing in non-action 
-Without leave 
Absent -
Zen - without effort 
Old age 
(And fog)
Have done it 
For me 

Dishes. . .

Of all the people
On this earth
There is one
Who thinks
I'm special -
That's special

He may be crazy
May be misinformed
I'm not going to
Tell him just

It will be my special
One I will hold

And if he ever does
Come to his senses
And find someone more
- well adjusted

I will treasure
The time we had together
And wish him well
As he begins another journey
With the one
Who has all
Her dishes done
- always