Monday, June 6, 2016

I Opine

I opine 
Where is the millionaire 
Who was supposed to be there? 

The donation button is 
     Sadly languishing 
Cyber loneliness 
     Button refutation -

While the plaster is 
     Slowly falling 
Home repairs 
      Futilely calling 

Just one of you 
In this wandering world 
Certainly must see 
That such poetry !
Needs supporting 
     Like a good solid 
Not too tight 
But not sagging 

And that the poet is 
     Getting older and 
Needs to stop climbing up
     On ladders 
Must needs go to lunch 
     With girlfriends 
And such 

All the blood, sweat, and 
I put into this 
     ( not much) 
One of you out there 
From aboard the yacht 
     Bored to death 
Could just bother yourself 
     A bit 
To unleash a little
Such as -