Thursday, June 19, 2014

Unity. . .

Feeling better 
Maybe I'll live 
For a little while 
     At least 

Able to attack a shrub with 
     Pruning shears 
But then -
I must rest  

Looking forward to a 
     Tango or two 
When I 
     Meet up 
     With you 

If I can just 
Tango and 
I should be alright 
But already 
The bills are 
Coming in . . .

Getting sick in this 
Is not advised -

It is a crazy place 
Where some seem to get 
For free 
And others are robbed 

The middle class 
Is being beat-
With sticks 
Don't they want us 
To survive ?

Conspiracy theories 
Just look around 
And try to explain 
Where our freedom 
Has gone 

Where the bright ideas 
That built this country 
Have gone ???

Multinational unity -
one world government -
Global industry 
Doing what it pleases
Making slaves 
     Of us. 

Just don't rush -

I'm old enough to 
"I'll be dead by