Thursday, February 27, 2014

Dear Mr Buffett

Dear Mr Buffett
Before u go 
Could u please
Leave me a billion
Or so...

I'm sure everyone asks u this
U must get tired of it
U've worked so hard for it!

What would my credentials be,
My resu-me?

It's here I stumble 
It's here I fail 
For I know the most 
Pale before me 
     -on a good day

I struggle to keep 
     The goldfish fed 
Plants watered-

But I do not 
     Give up-
That's one thing 
I don't do

I write this from 
The dentist chair 
My mouth all full 
Of goo

For it seems that I try so hard 
So seriously -
So sincerely -
     That my poor teeth
      R feeling the brunt
Of it 

Support for poets !!
This is an art
     They say...

Putting into words
The verities/ 
Of life 

And then there's 
The 600$$ dentist bill
I'll have to 


Having always 
Wanted to meet myself

Let me know 
If you see me...

Walking down a road
Or some other place 
Let me know if you see my face 

She will be a bit
Gravely disappointed...

But looking up 
To hills for
The one- from
Which comes
Our help

She feels she has 
Promised this-

She feels someone
     Must know-

She reads the books
She hears the talks
She wonders 
And she walks

Through the little 
No dogs to go along-
     Long gone

The best friends 
     Of this life-
Why don't humans
Get along
As well

If you see her 
Let me know

She's looking 
For her self

-they say
Has one-


It is a day for which coffee
Is necessary...

My plans have all
Gone awry

Rumi says 
Without stomping 
There would be no wine

Grapes must be squashed, 
     Smashed and 

What is this wine?
And where
     Can I 
          Get some ??