Friday, May 8, 2015

Running Things

I decided to give up 
Some of my 
Campaign -
Some of my insistence 
That all things adhere
To my 
- my plan 
- my way 

Just some. Not all -

Just an experiment 
     In freedom 
Maybe I'm not 
     Running things 
After all 

Maybe some things 
Take care of themselves 
And not bother me 
     At all 
The drought 
Is a case 
     In point -
The garden gets by 
On much less 
There will be more gravel 
Fewer flowers 
Things change
The flowers that remain 
Looking all the more 
And joyfull 
In the sun 

I have fewer years left 
And I'd rather not 
Take myself seriously 
I invent some new project 
Which -
I discover -
Doesn't have to 
Be done