Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Calling

The talk today . . .
In church today
     -About being all we can
     -Doing all we want to
          What that is

I am inspired -
As I lay upon
     My couch -
For this is something
I Truely
Do -

To lie
Within the influence
The little
Air conditioner box -
I am fulfilling
A deep and basic
A deep and inspired need
To rest awhile
And to be cool while
     Doing it

What a wonderful invention
This -
A box -
Whose sole reason
     For being
Is to produce
     Cool air.

Like that
I would like to produce
- for the people of this earth
Something Truely helpful
-Truely wonderful
It would be my gift
     To them
It would be my
My talent
My contribution
     To the collective
I would produce
A certain cool air
A certain savoir-faire
I would
     Bring down the light
Which would help their
Their plight of being trapped
By materialism
In material body and mind

This would be my
My gift
Probably no one
Would ever know -
But "they" say
It does matter -
     It clears the air
Makes people
     Less prone to fight
Makes available more