Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Very modern, Madam

Thinking I might send this 
To Facebook 
Through the air
     Very modern !

-The library is quiet 
But the chair is hard
- the patron just beside me 
     Blows the nose with 
     Enthusiasm !!

There is a clock ticking 
In the hallway 
And time 
Slowed down . . .

This place must be 
A hundred years old -

Note to self
Bring cushion
Next time -
And earplugs . . .

The librarian makes the rounds 
Every few minutes 
She may be lonesome 
     Sitting here 
All day with old books 
     And ghosts 
There must be 
     Ghosts . . .

Because -
This is not a public library but 
One which has much 
History of mysticism 
Madam Blavatsky must be 
Looking over us.