Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Priceless Treasures

How can one little truck 
    So much stuff!!
It's like a time capsule
     In here . . .

Sand from the last trek
     To the beach 
And a few shells 
And rocks 
Must I bring home rocks ? 
I have rocks, pebbles and stones
From sixty years gone -

My father 
Collected rocks -
Carefully finding them 
- After we'd passed the 
     National Park 
     Sign -
One for each trip -
They are still at
     The old house 
     I'm sure 
They were as heavy
As he could comfortably lift 
So there 
They sit -
Too heavy for 

I'm more the pebble sort 
(Be careful to empty pockets
- before washing!)
I try to resist 
The urge 
I look away 
But I sometimes find 
The same one 
On the way back 
     "Pick me, me!"

And I still haven't 
Really figured out 
     What to do 
With all these priceless