Monday, July 28, 2014

Community Garden

So now there's a community garden. . .
- And I can't get it done around here -
But it's up on a hill -
And so pretty 
And friends will 
Be there 

Oh my god! 
Community - that -
     Means people -
     "Other" people 
And I the hermit 
Will have to 
     Deal with 
People -
    " Other "
People -

I've never been 
     Good at this 
Not raised by people 
Who were any good at 
     It -

Isolation meant 
     Survival -
Distrust, hiding, and 

So now maybe 
I find another way -

I walk out my door -
- Fortify myself with 
     Starbucks -
And a cookie -
Oatmeal ( can't be all that bad 
     For ya ) 

I watch my paranoia
I wash it in the breeze 
On that hill 
Maybe I learn to trust 
Maybe I learn to 
     Let it go 

Maybe Mother Mary will 
     Come to Me
( Beatle's song, Let It Be ) 
I used to sing that in "church"
But she wouldn't let it be -
At all . . . 
Had to control everything 
Including my song -
So I left 

And now something 
They say. . .
The next thing comes 
For us to learn from 
And when we've learned 
It leaves 
Until we're done -
And then -

Get washed 

In the eternal breeze  . . .