Saturday, June 21, 2014

Prince Harry asks, How Do You Do?

Interesting modern life this. . .
Who may read these words?
     If on Facebook 
It is assumed 
Anyone reads thousands of
To an innocent 

Buried somewhere there 
Is this. . .
The musings -
The Ramblings of 
A commoner 
In another country 
And one 
Ran away 
At that!

Now mother always said 
We were related to 
Fancy-pants people 
And she collected china 
And read a lot 
- That must count 
For something 

But I can't imagine 
The pressures of 
Any type of royalty 
I really cannot handle 
What I've got to deal with 
Right now 
And I hate people telling me 
What to do 
It would never do 
I maybe shouldn't have posted 
This answer 
To that