Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Song Birds and Butterflies

Such a long drive 
I'm getting too old for this 
Out to the high desert 
To visit friends

Seeing the backs of the mountains 
Covered in snow 
Looking up from 
The sandy desert floor 
Joshua trees. 
Raise their arms 
To the sky

And we drive by 
The skunk works 
Some sort of place 
Where mysterious things are made

There are war planes and rockets 
Out for display
Spy planes and 
Bomb droppers 
Propped up in the desert 
Looking like sculpture 
Such things 
Having been the livelihood 
Of many of my friends 
And family

This one flew in such and such 
How many innocents 
Were killed 
By these 
And what 
I wonder 
Do they have 
What has been created 
Since ?

The technology 
Is mind numbing-
All a bunch of
Nuts and bolts 
Hurtling through
The atmosphere

Some very brave people
Flew these things 
Some very, very brave pilots
Willing to push "the" button
If they were told to

To unleash the wrath
Of mythical gods 

On the heads of 
And kittens-
Song birds 
And butterflies 

It's an interesting place -
This worlld.