Monday, May 23, 2016

Neighbor Cats

Neighbor cats 
Are the very best cats 

They like my yard
With places to hide and 
Chairs to sit on 
And no dog 

There's the old black one 
With one eye 
-very well taken care of 
And brushed-
And the grey one 
That's younger and 
And won't even eat when I 
Try to feed him dinner

And now a new one 
Who likes to rub against me
And talk 
And get petted 
     and even lets me 
Pick it up 
     not sure about the boy 
     or girl of it 

They come to visit 
And to snooze 
And I have 
All to gain 
And little to lose 

Someone else
Feeds them 
And worries 
Someone else pays 
     vet bills 

The black and grey one 
That's why they are outside
All day 
And maybe evenings 

I know the people parents 
Of two 
But not the 
New -

How funny to attach a note 
To its collar -
To its person to ask 
Who are you ? 



For inspiration 
     To strike 

So far 
Missing me 

I could go 
Where people are 
But then 
There would be 
And noise 
And confusion 
     Of a sort 

I could accomplish something 
From the 
LIST !!!
but that seems much too 
Right now 

How fortunate that
I have the space 
     And time 
To contemplate 
Such things 

Most of life 
     Has been 
Get up and go 
At 5 am 
Whether u want to 
Or no

For a little while 
Before I go -
I can take the time to
What to 

A great 
Luxury -

The Mail has come 
Through the door 

It's filled with bills 
And bank statements 
The universe has heard 
     My plea 
Come to