Tuesday, January 20, 2015


The Garden 
Is a crazy place 
Here on the hill
The ocean 

There is no money for 
A fence 
Or lights -
Go there 
At night 

The military guy 
Sleeps in the tool shed
     And has to get up 
     At night 
To scare away 
The tweekers

Those are the folks 
Who wander around 
After dark 
Looking for things 
     To steal 
To support the drug

Now in spring
- or winter actually- 
Well, We've had two 
Rain storms -
The native plants have 
In vibrant green 
The mallow lot, 
If you don't pull it out now 
While its small 
It's not coming out 
At all 

Her dog is small -
The cat and it 
Play and chase 
Through the bright 

One thing I love 
About this place 
Is -
it makes no sense 
At all !

Million dollar lots 
The owner, being wealthy,
Bought them 
(Back in the day) 
So her house on the hill
Could have its view 
     Of the ocean 

Word is 
She doesn't intend 
To sell 
Anytime soon 
So I wonder 
If I should plant kale 
Or cabbage 

For the gophers 

We take old chairs 
To sit and look at the ocean 

No one wants to trap or kill 
The varmints 

The cat can only eat 
So many 

What to do 
What to do 

On a gorgeous afternoon
In January 

We discuss . . .

A Van

The garden 
A million dollar view -
     And gophers
She advised getting 
A snake !
     Good idea -
Says I -
A gopher snake. 
But where would one 
Purchase one ? 

She lives in her van 
Hassled by the cops -
They took her liscense -
So now she can't drive -
She still lives 
     In her van 
Waiting for 
Section 8

Which is what they call
Government assistance -
     With housing 
It will be federal, 
     She says, 
So she can move 

And she doesn't feel guilty,
     She says 
For taking taxpayer money 
     She's had eight children -
One's a doctor 
She doesn't want to rely 
On them 

It reminds me 
I must begin 
The yearly test 
In mathematics 
Which they call 
Taxes - here

She's bought 
     A little dog -
On social security
     With no rent to pay
She has money

More than you 
Or I 

I worked so hard
For so long
For this old house 
     Only to watch it crumble 
Slowly -
Unable to afford 
To fix it 

Sometimes I wish 
I had a van 
To sleep in 

Let There Be Light

Someone slashed tires 
At the dance 
Was this you again ? 

I'm hiring a friend 
To sit in my truck 
To watch the 
Parking lot 

Twenty tires slashed 
Would an old man like you 
Have the energy ?
It's a mystery

No one can know 
No one sees
We are all left wondering 
How crazy have you 

People don't believe -
You can be so 
And fun 

I find myself hoping 
That it is not 
You - but
I keep the security cameras on 
The spotlight in the dark corner 
     Of the yard 
     The passerby