Monday, July 28, 2014

Community Garden

So now there's a community garden. . .
- And I can't get it done around here -
But it's up on a hill -
And so pretty 
And friends will 
Be there 

Oh my god! 
Community - that -
     Means people -
     "Other" people 
And I the hermit 
Will have to 
     Deal with 
People -
    " Other "
People -

I've never been 
     Good at this 
Not raised by people 
Who were any good at 
     It -

Isolation meant 
     Survival -
Distrust, hiding, and 

So now maybe 
I find another way -

I walk out my door -
- Fortify myself with 
     Starbucks -
And a cookie -
Oatmeal ( can't be all that bad 
     For ya ) 

I watch my paranoia
I wash it in the breeze 
On that hill 
Maybe I learn to trust 
Maybe I learn to 
     Let it go 

Maybe Mother Mary will 
     Come to Me
( Beatle's song, Let It Be ) 
I used to sing that in "church"
But she wouldn't let it be -
At all . . . 
Had to control everything 
Including my song -
So I left 

And now something 
They say. . .
The next thing comes 
For us to learn from 
And when we've learned 
It leaves 
Until we're done -
And then -

Get washed 

In the eternal breeze  . . .

Monday, July 21, 2014


"Man makes plans and 
The Gods laugh" 
So -
I must be a major 
Source of amusement 
     For them. 

Hopefully I'll get some credit 
For this . . . 

I had planned to be much more rich,
     Healthy, and beautiful 
Than this 


Dead by now 

Depending on what sort 
Of day it is 

Wondering "what the heck" 
Is wrong with this 

Knowing there are people 
In war torn countries 
And I am happy I'm not -
Still there is this yearning 
This unsettled way of wanting 
Something more 
Spiritual . . .

Eventhough I know how to 
Go there 
It takes doing 
"There in lies the rub"

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Flying Lessons

💖 I've done it again
Danced till my feet are sore
Reluctant going into it . . :
Then I can't stop
Don't want to
And won't
And I'm flying
And I'm dying when a partner
Won't or can't yet -
Let go to the music

Just stick to it
Your feet will learn
And then you have entrance to
The clouds
The winged feet of Apollo
(Wasn't he the one?)

Just come again to the dance
Keep smiling
Keep trying
And soon you will be
And never again
Be alone
Or bored

If only more people knew
It doesn't take rocket science
To know
How to dance with a
     Rocket scientist

It does take courage
To begin
And more courage
To continue
And more courage for guys
To lead-
But it's worth it

So few know
This secret
This magic carpet
Just move
Just go
Get your shoes
And learn
To fly

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


A moment of joy
Snatched from the jaws 
     Of fate 
Would the Gods 
     Begrudge us 

My favorite Tanguero 
      Is older 
      To the end 
It is only more 
       Poignant - more 
Of the oneness 
      Of fate
More of the last dance 
      On the Titanic 
The cold water is rising 
      Around our feet 

And we cling together 
      And dance the dance 
      Of lovers 
( Which we never have been 
And never will be )

The fates, even 
      The Gods 
Do not understand this -
     " Don't they know they 
      Have been condemned 
      To death ?"

-To die 
In each other's 
Arms . . .

To be human 
So fragile 
Temporary -
So alone 

Help me here -
To believe 
To understand
That there is some 
To understand
To cling 
To love 
To life -

This dance 
Brings in
The deepest parts 
      Of life -
Of love 
Of being here 
Of being Still -

Leave me alone 
With him 
For this dance 
At least 

He must hold me 
And I him -
We understand 
      Each other -

If only 
This moment 
Could last 
      -the world 
And all it's 
      -held at bay 

There is a heart connection 
In this dance 
Like in 
No other 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Back In The Box . . .

Where is the balance point ? 
Where is the emphasis ? 
All the puzzle pieces 
Will go 
Back in the box -
All our angst 
All our anger 
All our yearning 
All our manipulating 
All our climbing of mountains 
And fear 
And worry 
Will go 
Back In the box 
One day 

We will not be able to say
One damn thing About it 
Be done 

So it seems 
     If there 
Were something to 
     Concentrate on 
Which would not fade 
Which would not go 

Might that not be 
A better way 
To spend our time 

I'm just wondering 

Friday, July 4, 2014

Here's to Humidity !

Here's to humidity 
May it ever reign -
Will it ever rain
Sweat, sweat, sweat, 
Happy Fourth of July !
I never remember such 
It's global hotness -
Must be -
Combine this with 
Menopause -
Hot flashes -
And u have 
One long hot flash
For all of 
Sweat, sweat, sweat ! 

How can anyone 
Find the energy 
To do 
Today ?

No more war 
We r 2 hot! 
And dripping wet 
With sweat

No more Wall Street
Oh -
They have air conditioning 
That must be 
It !
Unnatural conditions 
Not putting the breaks on
Over arching 
Behavior patterns -

If they had to figure out 
How to rob us all
In these conditions 
They would just 
Call a halt and 
Call for 
Mint Julips
Lots and lots 
Mint Julips 

Would change 
If the boardrooms 


Thursday, July 3, 2014

Unsupported Browser

An unsupported
Browser -
Not being up on computer 
Jargon -
Is that a library patron 
Without a foundation 
Garment ?

Is it a shopper without 
An independent 

Is it me 
U ? 

Who will hold me 
Tonight at 
The Tango Milonga? 
I will be unsupported 

No strong and tall shoulders 
Upon which to 
No chest to lay my head 

Others will have 
To do 
Will not be 

What about our 
Moves ?
Those shoulder led turns 
And clever 
     Walk throughs

And the moves 
We steal 
     From other dances 
     And don't say . . .

Look the other 

The Tango Police 
Haven't been by here -

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Aliens among us
I do enjoy the internet-
Mindset . . .
What do we believe 
And who told us to - ?
Going to school 
After World War II 
-One only believed 
What "they" wanted us 
One knew that danger lurked 
Behind any 
We were judged and graded 
Upon our ability to 
Conform -
In body and mind 

Such conformity 
Was backed up
With Capital Punishment 
With capitals !

They could beat you at 
And beat you at 
Just for 
Good measure -

Fifties ladies might brag about 
Breaking the wooden spoon 
Or the pancake turner
On their male child's 
They might brag 
At church -
To each other 
It was the accepted thing 
The constant 

Of death

Add to that 
The birth of 
Television - to add to 
Newspapers and 

We have generations now 
Of those told 
What to do 
- go shopping!
Live between here 
The mall 
Go in debt
Pay interest