Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Diamonds for my Truck

From one phone 
To another 
One third of those reading 
Are reading 
     -On phone-

So say 
     Statistics . . .

Who knew? 
That one day 
     So soon 
We'd be reading each other 
On moble devices

And now - "they" say
     (Those who know)
That soon 
Our cars 
Will be parking themselves
And driving too 

Mine is telling me now 
That it wants 
     An oil change 
Well -
     Can't it go get one 
     Without me? 

But could I trust it to 
     Not! Come back with 
Some fancy chrome rims 
And furry seat covers 
Which it would automatically charge
     To my account 

It could have been built 
     Into its original programming -
To upgrade itself 
     At my expense 

Not that I don't trust 
"New-fangled machines"
I'm just sayin'. . .

I'm not so old fashioned 
If diamonds are a girl's 
     Best friend,
What - could my truck 
     Think up? 

A Day Away

Was a day 

The deserted campground -
The stream running 
Lots of trees 
     Broken off 
Probably from that last 
     Wind storm 
Cottonwoods dead 
     From the drought 
Snapped off 
     Up high 

But it's still beautiful 
And silent 

In summer the campground 
Would be full 
     Of screaming, running 

But now
A hawk looks at me 
I'm too big to eat 
     The bird flies
     To the next tree 

I walk on 

Not much water 
In the stream 
Not much spirit 
     Me -
I feel like 
I'm fading 
As if I was wearing 
The magic 

A walk in the woods 
Does one some good
Even if 
The wizard 
     And the elves 

Put in no