Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Waiting. . .

Waiting -
Waiting for lunch 
     Late lunch 
     U said u'd be here at 2:00
It's two 
And I'm hungry
What to do 

How late will u b ? 
Wait 10 min 
Or 15 
What's the rule ?
11 minutes 
Will have to do. 
I'm too hungry to
Wonder anymore
About the etiquette 
Of the situation . . .

And this is why 
A woman must have 
Her own money 
Can't depend 
On some people . . . 

You and your excuses 
I'm sure you'll have one 
I won't ask 
Being with u 
(And eating) 
Will be enough
To calm
The raging beastie
Inside the mind 
- looking for answers 
To Unfathomable